App Unfollowers, a free and easy tool
to send Auto Direct Messages on Twitter

Find and follow people that will boost your presence on your Social Networks

We help you finding your unfollowers and fans

Easy and powerfull tools to help you grow your business

Track unfollowers and fans anywhere

Friendly Graphical Statistics

Responsive Design for your mobile

Responsive Design for your mobile

Automatic tasks. Enjoy your time and have fun

Automatic tasks. Enjoy your time and have fun

Twitter tools

App Unfollowers lets you know and unfollow users who have unfollowed you or are not following you back and follow users who are following you.

  • Non followers: Track people who don't follow back your account.
  • Fans: Fans are users who follow you but are not followed back by you.
  • Recent Unfollowers: These are users who've unfollowed you recently.
  • Recent Followers: These are users who've followed you recently.
  • Copy Followers: Powerfull feature to find the right users to connect with. Using Copy Followers you can copy the most engaged and active users of any account that you find relevant.
  • White and Black lists: Results that are customised by you. Whitelist is a list that you create, of users that you do not want to unfollow like celebrities, friends... we won’t ever suggest you unfollow them. Blacklist is a list you create, of users that you don't want follow like spammers, fake accounts... we won’t ever suggest you follow them.
  • Automatic direct messages (DMs): Enjoy your time, You can activate automatic welcome direct messages to your new followers.
  • Searcher: Search within tweets, Search hashtags, Returns tweets from and Tweets returns to.
  • Trends: Get topics trending globally, nationally, and in your city.

AppUnfollow helps you reach out to the right users, and grow on your social networks.